About Us

Therapeutic Axis is a centre for excellence in counselling and psychotherapy. Therapeutic Axis provide assistance in psychological wellbeing and complementary health care. Located in Glebe, in the inner-west of Sydney, Therapeutic Axis has provided psychological and complimentary health services since opening in 2002. Therapeutic Axis is currently the place of practice for counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists, massage therapists and complementary medicine practitioners. We offer a non-judgmental, understanding and empathic environment that promotes healing and clarity for our clients. Our therapists are committed to working in partnership with individuals seeking change and wellbeing.


  • To be responsive to the needs of clients, the community, therapists and staff.
  • To provide a high-standard professional environment.
  • To deliver services cost-effectively and sustainably.
  • To actively engage in prevention and health promotion activities.
  • To continually innovate, and redefine the meaning and application of the therapeutic environment.