Amanda Howle

Amanda first discovered Kinesiology in 2008 when finishing a Diploma of Energetic Healing. She found it fascinating and confusing all at the same time; how could someone join the dots on her physical and emotional health problems simply by using her arm as a feedback monitor. 11 years on, Amanda has a few more answers about how that works and is proud to have made the recent transition to Holistic Kinesiology. Amanda believes that a healing journey can be complicated and difficult to piece together. Kinesiology can help clear away the complications and provide you with more focus. She believes that Kinesiology can create more space for happiness in many areas of life.

Amanda is a mother of two young boys and is passionate about helping others. Her expertise through clinic and life experience is working with women of all ages. She acknowledges, that in today’s hectic world, the same issues affecting women across all stages of life are almost certainly impacting men too. Everyone is welcome to book a session with Amanda and take those first tentative steps on their personal healing journey. 

Holistic Kinesiology looks at the whole you and can help bring you back to wellness.

Holistic Kinesiology can help with the following issues; fertility and menstrual problems, weight management, self-esteem, relationship stress, physical, mental and emotional concerns, aches and pains, depression, anxiety, digestive complaints and sleep problems.

Amanda is available to see people here in Glebe and surrounding suburbs like Annandale, Stanmore, Newtown, Balmain, Camperdown and the inner west.