Carola Rivera

Carola Rivera has been practising massage in Glebe for for the past 16 years. She specialises in soft tissue and connective tissue release by using an array of both remedial, deep tissue and relaxation techniques.

Massage enhances vitality and well-being by releasing muscular spasms and tensions. Stimulating blood supply increases circulation which in turn increases nutrient supply to bodily tissues thereby helping the body to eliminate stored toxic waste.

Accupressure, triggerpoint and reflexology, all of these can be included in a treatment if necessary.

Massages can range from relaxation to a foccussed and specific area of the body depending on the problem. Through massage therapy one can ease the body of pain and discomfort from injuries, sprains, accidents and illness. Massage helps assist the bodies natural healing processes to work most effectively.

With improved muscle ability and increased freedom of movement and co-ordination one can immediately feel the sense of well-being and a healthier body and mind.

Carola continues her education by attending regular workshops for massage and associated modalities pertaining to anatomy, physiology and conditions that are responsive to massage.

Carola offers Remedial, Swedish/relaxation, Shiatsu, Hot Stone, Deep Tissue and Pregnancy massage therapies

Carola can be contacted on 0411 625 969 for a booking.