Michael Grunwald

Michael's counselling skills are based on a unique constellation of formal training in Psychology, Counselling and Mediation (ADR), combined with further training in family & relationship counselling, CBT and EMDR, in addition to a wealth of life experience. His work with clients is also strongly influenced by the writings and practice of experiential, narrative and systemic Bowen family therapists, i.e. approaches that provide an opportunity to re-examine, reinterpret and reframe life’s experiences in the present moment, assisting you to live life differently now and in the future. In addition to providing general psychological counselling, Michael has a keen personal interest in the following areas:



The often life-long and evolving experience of loss, grief and emotional turmoil associated with adoption has a lasting impact not only the so-called ‘adoption triad’ (those adopted, those adopting and those losing their children), but all who are intimately involved in their lives, such as siblings, spouses, partners, children. In many cases, some or all of these people feel they are unable to openly express their thoughts and feelings or are unable to relieve their distress or ease their anxiety through friends and family. Increasing numbers of people are also considering possible reunion with lost family members. Michael’s personal and professional experience with adoption can provide you with valuable support.



Long misunderstood, compulsive hoarding involves problems related to acquiring, organising and disposing of ‘stuff’ to the extent that it has a negative impact on a person’s day-to-day existence. In many cases, hoarding and its associated clutter also impinges on the well-being of others, such as partners, children and neighbours, straining relationships and often placing them in jeopardy. In recent years hoarding experts have developed an approach for overcoming hoarding that combines a range of existing therapeutic methods with proven results. Michael is trained to discuss your specific difficulties and develop a joint strategy to improve your overall quality of life.


Cross-cultural stress and anxiety

Cultural systems effect how we perceive the world, experience ourselves and organise our lives. Our cultural world is our largely invisible, existential home. Being uprooted from this home, with or without our genuine consent, can be highly traumatic and/or disorienting, resulting in the experiences of loss, grief, depression, anxiety and/or general dissatisfaction with life. Similarly, even with the best intentions, interacting with others from different cultures (including gender) can result in less than desirable outcomes we struggle to explain. Michael is able to provide knowledgeable and skilled support thanks to his own international experience and professional training in this field.


Michael Is a Registered General Psychologist who is able to offer a Medicare rebate, which may cover a large proportion of the fee. He also speaks German and provides mediation services.