Anatomy Trains Structural Integration


What is Anatomy Trains Structural Integration?

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration is a scientifically validated process that uses various hands-on techniques and modalities of bodywork to help bring you into an improved postural and functional balance as well as emotional well being. Anatomy trains therapy aims to optimise the posture of your body, and help you to change inefficient patterns that may contribute to stress, pain, tearing of soft tissues and joints or general dis-ease. People usually come to a postural specialist and receive a process of 12 outcome based sessions because of discomfort, stress, dis-ease, restriction and/or chronic pain issues, trauma and ageing which can be signs that your patterns may not beneficial anymore.

ADVANTAGES of having ATSI Therapy treatment

Ø  NO high velocity thrusting or uncomfortable cracking.

Ø  GENTLE pressure and mobilisation of connective tissues in order to facilitate the body's natural realignment functions.

Ø  Patients are encouraged to get involved during their sessions, learning also techniques and exercises to help with maintaining greater physical health & functional movement.

Is Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) the right therapy for me?

People of all ages can have ATSI, from early childhood to 100 year olds. We are living changing beings. Thus, we are capable, through life's experiences, of creating imbalances, physical pain, emotional pain in our bodies. People come to ATSI for many and varied reasons, these include:

Ø  Poor Posture and associated pain: Many of us have poor posture to some degree. As the body is not well balanced we get uneven tension in our body. This can put a lot of stress and strain on joints, nerves and internal organs. Good posture can radically transform your appearance and how you feel.

Ø  Improving Performance: Many professional athletes, dancers and also yoga students and sports people (runners, golfers, rugby players, swimmers etc.) have noticed that the increased flexibility, mobility and fluidity that comes from ATSI sessions increasing also their individual performances.

Ø  Breathing Difficulties: Asthma, emphysema, and panic attacks are associated with breathing difficulties. During the session the therapist will release the pressure on the lungs and diaphragm helps with the overall wellbeing of the respiratory system.

Ø  Headaches: Usually headaches come from neck and/or shoulder imbalances, which can cause less blood flow and/or puts pressure on nerves in the neck.

Ø  Emotional Wellbeing: We are all emotional beings and our body as well as our emotions need a good flow of fluids and energy. Fears stop the flow and tension becomes stuck in our body. AT SI sessions, as they discharge the nervous system, they restore a positive flow of energy replacing fears with peace and tranquillity.

Ø  Stress and Sleep Problems: ATSI sessions de-stress your body as deep relaxation replaces tired, tense, overworked and painful structures. Usually, a more efficient balance brings new energy and awareness in your life.

Max Visca is our Anatomy Trains Structural Integration specialist, contact us to make an appointment with Max. HICAPS and health fund rebates available.