Keri Haiyes


Transpersonal Art Therapy provides opportunities for clients to express themselves within a safe environment through the use of various creative processes.

Artistic skill is not necessary, only a willingness to explore what comes to the surface during the creative process. Art Therapy is a non-verbal tool of communication, a very direct and powerful method which by passes the thinking brain allowing us to access our thoughts and feelings, by linking our inner and outer worlds we can find inner resources, strengths and gain insights.

When a person taps into their own inner wisdom it can be transformative, enabling them to gain perspective on issues of concern, as life can present challenges at various parts of the life cycle, professional support can make all the difference.

Transpersonal Art Therapy helps with issues such as: Self-esteem and confidence, Grief, loss and secondary losses, dealing with life changes and Transitions, exploring one’s options, making decisions, minimising Anxiety and Stress, increasing Self-awareness and motivation, self-expression and reclaiming our voice.

Art therapy processes include:


*Guided visualisation

*Gestalt chair dialogue



*Painting, Drawing

*Relaxation and grounding techniques


* Mapping the Heroes Journey

*Dreams and Symbols

*Personal Mythology

Keri Haiyes is an accredited Transpersonal Art Therapist, and facilitator who practices and lives in Sydney. Keri holds an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy

Keri provides guidance and support through a client centred approach as she recognises that each client is unique. With Art Therapy and counselling skills Keri helps clients explore images or expressions created for deeper personal meaning.

Keri believes strongly living an authentic life, true to ourselves and our personal goals begins by looking within, for that which maybe blocking us from living the life we truly want. One only needs to be willing to explore with curiosity for what the subconscious mind is expressing right now.

Keri understands words don’t come easily for some, and feelings don’t turn up on demand, when she experienced Art Therapy herself, she found it to be liberating to access what her over thinking mind didn’t allow. ‘I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward after multiple losses which impacted me greatly, as I was doing everything I could yet something was still blocking me.’

Keri has a particular interest in helping individuals improve their life through Transpersonal Art Therapy for emotional wellness and a deeper connection to their inner landscape.

Keri is available by appointment please email or phone us.