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Workplace Mental Health is an imperative for any business whether it be large or small. Maintaining the mental health of your employees is good practice in terms of maintained productivity and avoiding damage to relationships either within the business or external stakeholders, clients or customers. Not to mention that healthy work environments and cultures will ensure that you retain staff in the longer term. 

All businesses in Australia are required to act under health and safety, discrimination, fair work and privacy laws in relation to staff mental health. This means that work practices and systems must ensure that mental health (as with physical health) is safeguarded to avoid the proverbial psychological "slip or trip" hazard. As well, staff must not be discriminated against in the work place due to a mental health condition or their position be put under threat by mental health issues. Finally, no staff members mental health situation should be discussed by management or others within the workplace without prior  written permission to do so.

It is incumbent upon management of workplaces to ensure that workplace mental health issues are recognised early and to ensure that processes are in place so these issues are resolved effectively in the workplace. The expertise to manage these issues are often not available within small and medium organisations. Therapeutic Axis can assist to manage these situation so the most ideal outcome is realised for the individual/s and the workplace as a whole.  

Therapeutic Axis can offer assistance with workplace mental health including individual workers with mental health issues and the symptoms that may accompany these, such as alcohol and drug use. Additionally we can help with debriefs after critical incidences with groups and individuals. We also offer communication and educational pieces for your staff groups to improve interpersonal relationships which in turn improve work relationships. 



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Alison Turner

Alison Turner is an experienced corporate health professional. Call 96929788 today to make an enquiry. 

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