When a person experiencing adversity or at a life crossroad reaches out for professional help, referral to other professionals or agencies may be called for, to complete the mosaic of assistance provided. When referring to Therapeutic Axis, you can be confident that they will be in good hands.

When referring to Therapeutic Axis we offer a spectrum of psychotherapy, psychology and coaching services that address a person’s mood, motivation, goals, cognition, behaviour and relationships. Our services are complementary to other health and community services, and provide a reliable, accountable and accessible referral asset.

All therapists practicing at Therapeutic Axis are in individual private practice. Persons may be referred to Therapeutic Axis or to any specific therapist. With a substantial number of practitioners possessing a wide range of expertise, persons referred to the practice are typically referred on to a therapist within the practice. The prime criterion for onward referral is what is best for the patient.

No formal referral is necessary however if you require treatment under Medicare you will need to see your GP.  If a facilitator (e.g., family member) makes the first contact, we usually require that the identified patient also contact us directly to arrange the first appointment.

The psychologists practicing at Therapeutic Axis are recognized by Medicare and if clients are registered for the Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative or the Enhanced Primary Care plan, they may have access to Medicare rebates.

If you would like a report on the progress of a person you have referred, you need to make this known, as reports are not routinely provided. Any such report must be consistent with client consent.

Referring individuals, agencies, NGOs, practices and teams are welcome to meet with Therapeutic Axis management and staff, tour the facilities and have procedures explained, by appointment.

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Wide range of expertise
The practitioners at Therapeutic Axis possess expertise in a wide range of issues, from couples conflict to major mental disorder. Intake procedures direct a client to the most appropriately qualified and experienced therapist

Education, experience, supervision
The practitioners at Therapeutic Axis possess personal characteristics and qualifications that reflect appropriate education, experience, personal growth and stability. All have regular clinical supervision.

Negotiable fees.
Often those with the greatest need for mental health services are, by the nature of their disorder, the least able to pay. At Therapeutic Axis the fees of our private practitioners vary but their services are financially accessible to most individuals. There is typically a waiting list however the extent of it varies depending on demand. Please contact us and speak to us and we will explain our what our waiting looks like at the time. 

From situational adjustment to major change
Therapeutic Axis has the versatility to apply appropriate services for a client’s wants and needs, from brief counselling to in-depth psychotherapy.

Disciplined records, reporting to referrer
Clinical and administrative matters are documented and kept in accordance with best practices and legal requirements regarding informed consent, confidentiality and privacy.

Policies & procedures that mean business
Therapeutic Axis is built around the principle of quality. This involves the ethical and respectful treatment of clients, and policies and procedures that ensure the efficient, effective and accountable handling of clinical and administrative matters.