Online Counselling and Telehealth Counselling


Online counselling or Telehealth counselling is a way of accessing counselling services for those who are not available for or unable to travel to face to face therapy. Online counselling is the same in every way to regular face to face session of counselling or psychotherapy apart from the face to face part of counselling.  The therapist who does your session is a fully qualified therapist. Telehealth Counselling is generally Medicare provided services with a Psychologist or Social Worker. Telehealth has been made widely available due to the current COVID-19 issue. 

To do counselling online you will need a computer, tablet or phone, a reliable internet connection and a private space, free of interruptions. The sessions are done over Skype, Zoom,  although other mediums can be made available on request. 

Most types of therapy can be done online. However if you wish to receive online counselling or Telehealth counselling please contact our intake person and they will do an intake with you and refer you to one of our practitioners. We have several practitioners who carry out counselling online so don't hesitate to call and make an enquiry.