Remedial Massage

How can Remedial massage help?

Remedial Massage is for relief of pain, stiffness, immobility or knots in a certain area. The focus is on the problem area. It includes stretches and movements to relax individual muscle groups.  It takes looks at the problem area in the context of the entire body. So in that way is quite holistic. It is about the cause as much as the symptoms. 

Remedial massage like other massage stimulates blood flow. It assists with the soothing nerves just near the surface. It also assists with soreness, stiffness and swelling naturally. 

This type of massage involves a collection of techniques including Myofascial release. They are designed to help the body repair itself. As well it concentrates on the site that is causing the pain or distress. Mild stretches may also be used to help with getting the body moving again.  

Remedial massage is generally an hour and involves the use of oil as a medium to assist.