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Contact Us

Our qualified Client Contact staff are informative, honest and supportive.  Let them guide you through the quick and casual process of finding a Order Tramadol Canada best suited to you.  If wish to contact us fill in the online enquiry form below, specifying your availability and the way you would like to be contacted. Our intake person will pick up your email and contact you in the way that suits you. 

Name (required)

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Type of Therapy:

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Therapeutic Axis

125 St Johns Road

Glebe  NSW  2037

(located opposite the Glebe Town Hall)

ph. 02 9692 9788

fax 02 9692 9255


Ordering Tramadol Online

Order Tramadol Online Uk




Tramadol Using Mastercard, Tramadol 50 Mg Buy

Tramadol Using Mastercard stops outside the door of  Therapeutic Axis

These two buses, the Cheap Overnight Tramadol Cod, Jual Obat Tramadol Online stop on Glebe Point Rd which is a Tramadol Online Rx


One and Two hour free On-street car parking is available close to Therapeutic Axis.