Medicare and private health fund rebate

Psychological Services under Medicare

Medicare provides for rebates for up to 10 sessions per calendar year. This means that you can be referred to a psychologist or social worker for counselling under medicare. Note: rebates do not necessarily cover the entire amount charged for the service. However bulk billing (no payment necessary) may be offered depending on a number of factors. Contact us for an intake and assessment.  

In order to receive counselling under Medicare you will need to see a GP, psychiatrist or a paediatrician. They will assess you and then issue you with Mental Health Care Plan. Once this has been issued you may then contact a psychological service and request to see a Psychologist or Social worker under Medicare.

If you wish to see a psychologist or social worker here at Therapeutic Axis simply call or email our intake person who will take you through a brief intake and refer you to one our practitioners.

Please note that you only need a GP referral if you wish to see a Psychologist under Medicare. You are able to contact us directly if you wish to see one of our practitioners, no GP referral is required. 

Find more information from Medicare or the Australian Psychological Association 

Psychological services under private health

Many private health funds will cover some part of the cost of the psychological services. This means that counselling and psychological services can be charged under private health. This means that a participating, Psychotherapist, Psychologist or Social Worker can be provide under private health funds.

The waiting periods and level of benefits depend on each individual fund. It is also important to note that your practitioner is registered with your health fund. If you are unsure contact your health fund or call us on 9692-9788 and we can offer help and information