Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage, as it's name suggests is focussed on relaxing. A massage like this is ideal for those who are stressed and need time out. It is a long and slow massage that is low impact and designed to soothe. Our relaxation massage takes place in a low light room with aromatic oils and gentle music. Relaxation massage straddles many different types of massage techniques such as Swedish or Shiatsu

Relaxation massage can be helpful, like other types of massage therapy, with circulation and muscle tension. Most of all it can be helpful with stress related symptoms of everyday life and with regular visits is can maintain a lower stress level. It is also a great addition to psychotherapy and counselling to assist in maintaining low anxiety levels.  

This is a massage that is ideal if you wished to purchase a gift voucher. It is general and the most benign and low intensity type of massage, perfect for a time out. A great gift for a loved one or friend. 

This type of massage can claimed on private health in most cases.