Art Therapy

Transpersonal Art Therapy is a holistic approach that focuses on the well-being of the body, mind, emotions and soul / spirit. It is an integrative therapy that unites both ancient and modern traditions, drawing from shamanism and psychology. The focus is on ‘healing’ rather than ‘curing’.

Do I need to be an artist to do Art Therapy? 

There is no need to have had any prior experience with art in order to benefit from Art Therapy. The focus of an Art Therapy session is on the art making process, rather than the finished product. The act of making art can be profound and healing in itself, however an ‘amplification’ process may be used which allows the client to explore and gain insight from their work. There is no right or wrong way to make art and no judgment, analysis or interpretation is involved.

An Art Therapy session involves client-centered counselling, and depending on the needs of the client, may incorporate various art therapy processes or techniques. This could include working with:
Drawing, Painting, Clay work, Collage, Mandala, Symbols, Dream work, Focusing, Myth, Ritual, Mask, Movement. During a session Meditation may also be incorporated for relaxation, visualization or as a method to access wisdom, resources, guidance or symbols.

There are many areas where Art Therapy is effective. These include:
Stress, Life Transitions, Life-threatening Illness, Personal Growth, Identity , Creative blocks, Self- esteem, Lack of direction / purpose / meaning, Spiritual Emergence.

Some of the benefits from Transpersonal Art Therapy include:


  • Ability to communicate / express thoughts and emotions
  • Learning to cope with fear, stress and challenges in life.
  • Ability to access own resources, strengths and gifts.
  • Self – awareness / esteem / acceptance.
  • A deeper connection to your Authentic Self / Being.
  • Inner knowing / strength /empowerment.
  • Sense of direction / purpose / meaning.
  • Journey of transformation, emergence and growth.
  • Moving towards greater sense of well-being and wholeness.