Izumi Amauchi

Izumi is a Japanese Shiatsu/Reiki therapist and teacher, and an energetic healing practitioner whose compassionate approach comes from her own healing journey.

After working as an international flight attendant for some years, Izumi’s health began to suffer and she sought mainstream medical help, which ultimately failed her. She decided to take her health into her own hands and saw a Shiatsu therapist who introduced her to reiki and energy healing. Izumi’s world quickly opened up to alternative healing and after doing her training she began her own shiatsu practice.

Izumi has been creating tailored sessions for clients to meet their individual needs. She uses tools like the emotion freedom tapping technique - an easy and simple mechanism to release and transform people's limiting beliefs, easing physical and emotional pain. Along with reiki and shiatsu, this helps her clients reconnect to their true self. Izumi thrives on hearing each person’s unique story and considers the client the master, because they always teach her something. She creates nurturing space in which her clients can regain their strength so they feel they are not alone. For Izumi, the beauty in her work is in seeing people's faces light up, their aura and posture change and their sense of empowerment in offloading the baggage they’ve been carrying for years.

Between October 2021 to October 2022, Izumi spent time in Japan travelling and exploring her heritage, her spiritual connection with Shintoism. Izumi also enjoys teaching an authentic Gendai Reiki technique,

Reiki level 1 and 2 certificate courses for those who are willing to learn self -healing and how to live life peacefully and harmoniously. 

Diploma of Shiatsu therapy
Reiki Master/ Teacher
Diploma of Energetic Healing
Professional certificate in EFT & Energetic tools for transformation
Certificate of Meditation Facilitator
Matrix Reimprinting