COVID-19 update from Therapeutic Axis.

Mon 28 June 2021

Hello to all, 

Just a brief update in relation to recent outbreak and consequent lockdown of the Sydney area. As of the 28th of June 2021 we will be open with our receptionist attending the clinic.

Our clinic will be cleaned and maintained as per our previous statements. We would also encourage all clients to check in using the QR code and make use of our hand sanitisers. 

It is a requirement of NSW health that masks be worn in all non-residential indoor areas. This applies to our service also. Alternatively, most practitioners will be offering Telehealth. 

We encourage all current clients to be in contact with their individual practitioners in relation to how they will operate during this lockdown. If you are unable to contact your practitioner directly you can make contact with reception on (02) 96929788 at any time during business hours or contact us via our website. 

We hope that everyone stays safe and healthy during this difficult time.